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Server Solutions in Dubai

The term "server" is frequently used by those interested in technology. It is a type of computer system that has been specifically developed to handle requests while simultaneously delivering data that has been processed to several machines located in various places and connected across a network. A server, in contrast to a standard personal computer, possesses a significantly greater processing capability and may be set up to provide more significant memory as well as additional storage capacity than a regular computer system. When using a server solution, one is supplied with ensured and guaranteed uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, the server solution provides additional processing capacity, and there is redundancy when it comes to data storage.  Server Solutions is a service that Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies provides in Dubai. The company specializes in keeping an eye on servers used by small businesses, Terminal servers, and file and print servers. We will utilize our monitoring tools and software in order to measure vital metrics on the crucial servers that your company uses. The software will continuously scan your network for potential security risks and will sound alarms if there is a problem. These alarms will then communicate directly to our network engineers. 

Server solutions in Dubai is essential to the protection and administration of data. 

The more people use that machine, the higher its reliability will be; this will make it more challenging for the individual user who is utilizing that system. Suppose you experience a problem with the design and choose to reboot it while other people are already accessing or processing something from the same system. In that case, there is a possibility that you will lose your data. That’s not a good sign at all. The role of a Server becomes apparent here. It provides access in a centralized location. 

Why does the management of a server require specialized people or an IT company? 

Suppose you have one server and you already have someone on staff that handles many computers. In that case, there is a reasonable probability that the person who supports your desktops can also manage the server. When certain conditions are met, the need for server engineers arises. 
a) You require them to support client-server applications such as webpages or email, and they can provide this assistance. 
b) You have more than one server, each of which is equipped with server-specific technologies such as RAID, virtualization, or a domain/directory. 

Questions that are frequently posed by owners of SME businesses in the UAE: 

  1. How much does it cost to buy a server? 
  2. What Kind of Dimensions Does a Server Have? 
  3. Why Why is it necessary to have dedicated staff to manage a server? 
  4. What is the Function of a Network Server? 
  5. Who should be in charge of managing the server? 



Rack mounting, improved heating and cooling, and an improved power supply are all included in the hardware. It is unnecessary to have a server engineer run any of them. Still, to efficiently run multiple of them, it is typically required to operate some form of dedicated server infrastructure. 


RAID is the standard configuration for server storage, and its management and upkeep need some technical expertise. 

Backups and Recovery: 

If your server is used by a number of people at all hours of the day and night, then you will need particular pieces of hardware, software, and procedures to back up that data either manually or automatically while reducing or eliminating any downtime that your users might experience. 


Data stored on servers may be accessible by a wide variety of user groups, each of which possesses its unique set of access rights and privileges. Server engineering is the discipline responsible for the work of defining such groups and setting up proper data access. 

Server applications: 

Applications that run on servers include web, databases, and email. In order to properly support these programs, you will need to follow a set of procedures that are not often included in desktop management. 
Again, if just one server is being used for storing data, then it is quite probable that your desktop management group will be able to handle it (if they have time, dedication, and inclination). In general, if you end up with numerous servers running dedicated apps, you will have sufficient work to warrant hiring a dedicated server engineer. That is because devoted applications require reliable server resources. 

Selecting an Appropriate Server Solution 

The professionals at Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies are able to suggest several types of servers for your company, depending on the requirements of your company, in order to save costs and give all of the necessary resources for the operation of your network and the maintenance of your website, and other objectives. In this manner, you will have the option of selecting between private and shared servers, as well as virtual and physical ones. Engineers from Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies will assist you in setting up the functionality of the solution you select and will continue to provide technical assistance for maintenance and troubleshooting no matter which option you choose. Because we have partnered with the most dependable and powerful hardware manufacturers and server providers, we can ensure that the server and network services we give to our customers are of the highest possible quality. This thoughtful approach instills trust in us regarding the final product’s level of excellence. 
If you need a robust and secure data processing network for your business, or if you need somewhere to host your corporate website, Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies has the ideal solution for your requirements. 

Are you in the market for a dependable server solution for your company? 

If you answered yes, your search is over! In addition to assisting with additional maintenance, we outsource high-quality server solutions for companies. Our specialists take care of a wide range of activities and obligations for each of our customers, particularly those associated with maintaining remote clients and desktop platforms. In addition, our professionals have years of experience and training, and they can perform the many responsibilities associated with managing different levels of IT infrastructure. 

Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies is dedicated to providing your company with the best in hardware and network infrastructure. To ensure that our servers continue to function normally, we adhere to all of the guidelines for the server rooms, such as the temperature requirements for heating and cooling. We can install a rack mounting solution to ensure the security of your servers. In addition, we provide improved storage combined with RAID, and you will be able to safeguard your data with the help of our efficient data backup and recovery solutions. Many layers of firewalls protect our workstations and servers, and we provide a variety of server applications to choose from. 
In addition, we offer devoted service to each of our customers and strive to fulfill their requirements in a timely manner while giving priority to their needs. You may anticipate receiving a comprehensive variety of benefits from us, from assistance for your hardware and operating system to additional system check maintenance. We believe in innovation in workplace management. Many companies choose our digital solutions, such as desktops and Servers, to improve the overall quality of their workspace and its operations. To ensure that our customers always have a positive and risk-free experience with our company, we come up with unique and intuitive solutions, as well as high-quality products and services. 

Advantages of Utilizing a Server that Bluechip manages 

  • 24×7 Monitoring 
  • Relaxation and assurance that we are keeping a close eye on your systems at all times 
  • Regular installations of the most recent Microsoft updates and service packs are carried out. 
  • Sufficient free disc space is available 
  • Cuts down on waiting times 
  • Automatic Solutions to the Most Common Issues 
  • Enhances the availability of the system, and essential applications continue to be continuously and rapidly accessible 
  • Significantly more effective than telephone support advice, significantly minimizes downtime and assists your users in getting the most out of your IT resources. 
  • Makes it possible for you to concentrate on your primary business. 
  • If you are interested in learning more about the Reasons, You Need a New Server System in Dubai, you can click here to get that information
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