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Firewall Solutions in Dubai

When it comes to successfully operating a business, having scalable and optimized IT may make all the difference. When you choose Fajr tech guys as your IT partner, you take control of your future and empower your organization with expert IT services, networking solutions, backup data solutions, network security solutions, firewall solutions, and better business technology consulting. The specialists at Fajr tech guys work with you to provide high-quality information technology services and the peace of mind you require, allowing you to direct your attention toward increasing the efficiency and profitability of your company.

Since 2005, Fajr tech guys has been the leading provider of professional Firewall Solutions in Dubai for businesses. Our goal is to provide our customers with services and solutions on par with those provided to enterprises at costs that are affordable for smaller companies. We have developed best practices and workflow processes around a proactive mindset aimed at maintaining your emphasis on your business rather than your technology, thanks to the time and knowledge we have gained over the years.

Our knowledgeable staff is available to serve as your outsourced information technology department, providing prompt solutions to problems often before you know, they exist. We offer solutions that include everything from your laptops, workstations, and mobile devices, all the way up to your servers and network infrastructure. In other words, we can handle your technological problems from start to finish.

Important Uses of Firewalls

  • Firewalls have applications in both business and home networks, making them quite versatile.
  • It can incorporate a security information and event management strategy (SIEM) into cybersecurity devices concerning modern organizations. Firewalls are installed at organizations’ network perimeter to guard against external and insider threats. SIEM stands for security information and event management.
  • It  may provide logging and auditing services by recognizing patterns and enhancing rules by updating them to fight against urgent threats. That can be done by detecting patterns.
  • Home networks, cable modems, and Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) with static IP addresses are good firewall protection candidates. Firewalls are able to filter traffic with ease and can alert users to the presence of intrusions.
  • Antivirus software also makes use of them in various capacities.
  • It automatically updates their rule sets to address any new vulnerabilities or fixes discovered by vendors. That helps to remedy any problems that vendors may have caused.
  • Hardware and firmware provide us the ability to impose limits on devices used in the home.

Firewall Solutions in Dubai

The most effective systems for small businesses in Dubai combine a hardware firewall with software controls into a comprehensive security solution that supports virtual private networks (VPNs), antivirus, antispam, and antispyware software and can filter out information.

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Our Solutions include the following

The Fortinet Firewall: It provides comprehensive security solutions for the entirety of your company network. Within the industry, it is commonly referred to as the next-generation due to its high-end architecture and features.

  • Sonic wall: Sonic wall’s all-in-one network protection solution is a high-performance deep packet inspection that integrates gateway anti-virus, antispyware, intrusion prevention, application intelligence and control, content filtering, firmware upgrades, and 24×7 support.
  • Forti gate: Forti gate provides a comprehensive suite of cyber security solutions, including software, appliances, and services. These solutions include firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion prevention, and endpoint protection.

The firewall is an essential component of an information technology security strategy, which prevents unauthorized users from accessing the corporate network. It is your responsibility to protect the data associated with your company from any security compromise, regardless the size of your company. Installing a firewall for your networks is the most effective method for providing security. It is required to have a firewall installed in the workplace to protect the network from potential threats. In the United Arab Emirates, we protect networks.

Firewalls Security Systems in Dubai

Software and hardware firewall solutions are available for use in small businesses (with software components). Software firewalls protect every single computer on which they are installed. But a software firewall must be installed on every computer at your firm to provide adequate protection. That may quickly become difficult to maintain as well as expensive.

On the other hand, hardware-based firewall solutions in Dubai for small businesses safeguard all machines connected to a particular network. It is also simpler to administer a firewall that is based on hardware. The best solutions for small businesses combine a hardware firewall with software controls into a comprehensive security system that supports virtual private networks (VPN), antivirus software, antispam software, and antispyware software and can filter material.


Dubai Firewall Protecting Small Businesses

In addition to protecting access, a firewall can assist in establishing secure connections when used in conjunction with a virtual private network (VPN) (a virtual private network). In addition, it provides employees the ability to securely access the internal corporate network from the comfort of their home offices. The data transmitted through VPN connections is scrupulously encrypted, preventing anybody who is not authorized from gaining access to it. A firewall is a type of network security equipment that monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic on the network and takes preventative measures against threats such as viruses, spam, spyware, and malware. The protection provided by the firewall prevents the propagation of these destructive assaults. You can protect your company’s data network and security from the growing number of threats.

When you have decided to install a powerful and trustworthy firewall for your home office or for the network at your business, it is in your best interest to have the system installed by a reputable security provider as soon as possible. We are a major supplier of security solutions in the United Arab Emirates. One of our areas of expertise is offering complete security using industry-leading brands such as the Fortinet firewall, SonicWall firewall, and others industry-leading brands.

An Advanced Firewall Has Following Characteristics

  • Recognize and manage software; guard against common dangers.
  • Prevent intruders who are either unidentified or specifically targeted.
  • Restrict sharing of sensitive information and files without authorization.
  • Content screening systems for the internet.
  • It is essential to check software for malicious code.
  • Strong traffic surveillance systems.
  • Easy and effective protection for your network.
  • Capturing the full potential of available bandwidth.
  • This firewall is now available at a much more reasonable price.
  • Determine which hosts have been compromised by bots.
  • Limit your time spent online.

Select The Top Firewall Software

How well-protected your company’s firewall is may make or break the safety of your workplace network. It may be broken down into several distinct categories, including those that filter packets, do stateful checks, perform DPI, are application-aware, and use a proxy to protect data.

Packet Filtering:

One type is a packet filtering, which employs a set of security rules based on Internet Protocol (IP) protocol, IP address, and port number to prevent data from passing. The intrusion prevention system is able to tell good web traffic from harmful web traffic by inspecting the headers of each packet.


Which monitor all open connections, are another type of firewall. Only packets that are part of an established connection are allowed” is an example of the type of rule that may define a firewall. Also, similar to the last case, there is no way to distinguish between legitimate and malicious communications. In this case, an intrusion-prevention system might be helpful.

Application Layer:

This category can analyze the packet’s contents. The ability to restrict access to malicious software and other undesirables is the main advantage of an application layer firewall.


Proxy firewalls function at the firewall’s application layer. It prohibits traffic from going directly between the two ends of the network and route it through a third party that can either block or allows it, depending on its policies.

We have extensive experience creating the above types, both for primary and satellite offices. In order to protect a network from any potential dangers, a firewall is an excellent tool that can be set up in a variety of ways. It safeguards your company’s network and PCs from intruders and attacks by preventing access to malicious websites and other malware.

We provide the best firewall for Dubai businesses that can grow with your business and protect your networks. Not only are we concentrating on Dubai and Sharjah, but also on the surrounding districts of the Emirates. Since we are the go-to authority in Dubai for network security, we provide complete, cutting-edge solutions.

Advantages of Using Firewalls

Firewalls are crucial for enterprises to control their security. Some of the significant benefits of firewalls are listed below.

  • It protects users’ data better and makes it harder for hackers to access their accounts on insecure services. It safeguards a private network’s connection to the internet from prying eyes.
  • Firewalls have a quicker reaction time and can manage higher traffic volumes.
  • It makes it possible to control and update all security measures from a single authorized machine.
  • It prevents unauthorized users from accessing your network and stealing sensitive information.


Firewalls are network security devices that inspect incoming and outgoing data packets. It allows or disallows traffic according to predetermined safety standards.

Your network’s confidential information is safe behind our firewall, which blocks unauthorized users from accessing it. By separating the secure internal network from the potentially dangerous external network, firewalls safeguard computers from malicious software.

Antivirus software, being neutral software, may guard against threats to other software, whereas firewalls may protect software and hardware on a network. When you install antivirus software on your computer or network, it scans for and deletes faulty files and programs, while a firewall blocks access to the system from potential threats.

To prevent unwanted intrusions, it acts as a filter that constantly monitors incoming data to block anything that seems suspicious.

By blocking potentially harmful or unnecessary data, it protects your computer or network from outside cyber threats. A firewall’s other function is to block malicious software from entering a system or network through the internet.

Comparatively less than hiring full-time employees to manage the firewalls. Since we are experts and can handle them on a large scale, our services are reasonably priced even for smaller and medium-sized enterprises. An audit and expert services to upgrade your current firewall to its maximum security level often cost a one-time price. Then, we’ll tailor a monthly plan to your specific requirements, industry standards, and financial constraints.

Companies of all sizes, from those in the mid-market to those just starting, may benefit from Fajr tech guys enterprise-grade security. A need for stringent security might arise at any organization’s size; we’re here to assist.

  • Communicate with actual people – Our friendly team of engineers in Dubai is available anytime, day or night, via phone or online, and a solid SLA backs them.
  • Tailored to meet your specific requirements- The concept of “square pegs and round holes” is foreign to us. We’ll learn about your business so that we may provide a tailor-made service for you.
  • Peace of mind – Internet safety shouldn’t be challenging to maintain. Our techs keep your firewall in top shape and offer helpful plain-English assistance.
  • Experienced Staff- Many year of experience in cyber security is a given among our in-house staff. When you have us on your side, you have access to our extensive expertise.
  • Budget-friendly– You may reduce and consolidate your IT spending thanks to the complete administration of your firewall Solutions in Dubai for a single, affordable monthly fee.
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