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Cabling Company in Dubai

In the corporate community of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, Fajr tech guys is the go-to provider for comprehensive, high-performance structured Cabling Company in Dubai. Our network solutions are made to cover everything associated with network systems, from design and installation to administration and maintenance. Experts in the field, our staff has handled everything from standalone workplaces to nationwide rollouts. In addition to providing a service at a reasonable price, our team operates in a way that minimizes disruptions to your business.

Choosing the right structured cabling system and having it installed correctly is of vital significance for any information technology network. If you need intricate network wiring, Fajr tech guys has the expertise and tools to do the job. Our goal with every project is to provide a solution that not only offers excellent value for the money spent but also anticipates and satisfies the evolving demands of our customers. Connect with us to discuss your structured cabling needs in Dubai, whether setting up a new network in an existing facility, updating an existing one, or moving.


Cable Types provide by Cabling Company in Dubai

A twisted pair cable is a standard for data networks. Many Ethernet networks rely on twisted pair wires for their connections. When data transfer rates need to be extremely fast, or cable runs are too long for standard UTP cable, fiber optic cabling is the way to go. As bandwidth is crucial in data centers, fiber wiring is typically installed there. Fiber cabling is commonly used in banks, hospitals, large campuses, and airports.

Screened Unshielded Twisted Pair Wiring

UTP/Category 6A data cabling systems can block out any unwanted outside interference. The construction of these screened data cables makes them resistant to distortion and opens the door to more flexible installation methods. The reduced cable diameter makes the higher fill density in the pathways.

Protected with a Foil Wrapped Twisted Pair

It is recommended to use SFTP copper cables for network wiring in buildings with significant electrical interference or frequent radio transmissions. Using these cables greatly reduces the possibility of crosstalk occurring between different cables and pairs.

Fiber Optics Cabling

Most of today’s data centers use fiber optic cabling for their networks. There is both single-mode and multimode fiber optic cable on the market. Light may travel in a variety of ways thanks to multimode fiber. The most typical sizes for multimode cores are 50 m and 62.5 m. Only one mode of light may be transmitted using a single mode fiber.

Organized cabling has several advantages.


Adding additional devices or changing the layout of your connections is a breeze with structured cabling. Keeping up with the times and technological advancements is easy since you may upgrade your network without stopping what you’re doing.


For maximum performance and endurance, wiring systems rely on high-quality components, such as Category 6A cables with connectors constructed of 24-carat gold-plated contacts. Because of their high throughput capacity, these cables can handle even the most resource-intensive applications without degrading performance over time at speeds of up to 10 Gbps per port.

Easier Maintenance:

A planned wiring system is less hassle to keep up with repairs since each cable has its designated location and is not jumbled with other cables. Because of this, professionals can locate issues and implement fixes with incredible speed and accuracy.

Save money:

Cable installation costs can be cut by as much as 30 percent when using a structured solution. Because a planned cabling system eliminates the need to drill holes in walls and ceilings to run cables, saving time and money. However, wires can be laid in trenches between the ceiling joists or the floor to achieve the same effect.

Why choose us as a best cabling company in Dubai?

When it comes to cabling company in Dubai, Fajr tech  guys is a significant player. Whether you’re a startup or a company, you’ll find that our services are a perfect fit. When it comes to providing network wiring Dubai services, we have extensive experience and knowledge to offer. This Dubai-based data wiring firm has earned a stellar reputation because of the quality of the work and service it provides.

Our team of highly educated specialists provides expert assistance and advice on all elements of structured cabling. Because of our status as Dubai’s premier data cabling firm, we are able to provide expert consultation and installation services for businesses of all types, including workplaces, stores, institutions of higher learning, medical facilities, and more.



Keeping your network online is crucial in the telecoms sector. Working with a large firm or organization can be challenging because each office may have specific requirements for setting things up. A wiring solution is your sole option for ensuring continuity here. Using a structured cabling solution can help you standardize your infrastructure so that all offices can talk to each other without hiccups. The best aspect is that it doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or have been in the company for a while; these services are made with both scenarios in mind.

Moving to a new floor or office within the same building is not a problem for Fajr Tech Guys. We’ll have an expert look at your current wiring system and advise you on how to improve it to meet your future demands. We’ll need to come to your office before the relocation to perform an assessment and provide suggestions on the new cabling architecture if you decide to go forward. We’ll schedule a follow-up visit after you’ve settled into your new office and everything is operational to review the final details and double-check that everything is going well. No of the scale or difficulty of your project, Fajr Tech Guys is up to the task. As a result of our consistently high quality of service and commitment to our clients, we have quickly risen to the top of the industry.

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