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Exchange Solutions Dubai

Services in Dubai for Microsoft Exchange

We have a wide range of email options, whether you’re a sole proprietor, a small business, or a multinational corporation. POP and IMAP email accounts are available, as well as Spam filtering and mail server backup.

  • Sending emails while traveling is the most common issue with email accounts.
  • There’s no way to tell if I sent an email.
  • Exchanging a product might be pretty costly.
  • Emails may be rejected if your inbox account is complete.
  • A virus infects your computer or network.
  • Constant unsolicited email.

As part of our hosting service, we include email.

You receive unlimited email accounts for your domain name as part of our hosting service. You may use our mail accounts with major email clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and MacMail. Additionally, if you’re on the road or prefer to read your emails via a web browser, our mail service covers you. We offer virus and spam protection as part of our service.

Dedicated Email Hosting

We provide “Email only hosting” if you want to use your domain name for email and don’t need a complete hosting solution. It has five email accounts, all of which have the virus and spam protection. Your domain can redirect to another URL, or the parking page can be customized with email-only hosting. You may access your email using an email application or the internet, just like you can with the complete hosting service.


You may manage your own email service on your in-house server with SMTP mail. Using the static IP address of your server, your domain’s MX records (mail records) are redirected to the server’s IP address. As a result, you no longer have to log in to the Local Domain servers to get your email; you may do the same when you send it.
Local Domains can function as a backup email server if you’re utilizing your server for email. Your mail will collect for you if your server is unavailable or your internet connection fails. Email is immediately routed to you once your server is back online.

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