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Visitor Management and Queue Management System

Efficient Visitor Administration

Guests can check in

Make a virtual entrance to the lobby that guests can use without touching anything via their smartphones.

Electronic badges for guests

Go paperless by having visitors receive electronic badges via text message or email.

Please verify registration

The importance of registering guests in advance Facilitate personnel in inviting visitors and sharing Wi-Fi passwords and access points in a matter of mouse clicks, coordinates

Alerts and broadcasts in times of crisis

In the event of an emergency, broadcast messages to all passengers on the Click once to access the entire premise.

Blocklists, and Watchlists

Make keyword-based ban lists to restrict who can join in. Those who are highly vulnerable

Visitor Flows That Can Be Modified

Make sure each type of visitor has their unique check-in process. Arranged classes by dragging and dropping

Analytics of site traffic in real-time

Learn helpful information like peak times, check-in times, etc. To enhance existing optimizations.


Visitors must sign in and out.

  • User Authentication Is a Tap Away
  • Secure data collection on-site guests
  • Integration of Emirates ID
  • Electronic signature on a brief confidentiality/use agreement
  • E2E take a Selfies of a guest
  • For Visitors, a Pass Number Is Required for Checkout

Pre-registration from entry to exit

  • Register Individual or Group Invitees in Advance (with CSV)
  • Invites might be Single Entry or Long-Term Entry
  • QR Code Event Invitation Template for Automatic Email
  • A QR code can be scanned using an iPad app.
  • Possibility of On-the-Spot Registration
  • At the traveler’s discretion, they will receive an SMS link to an itinerary.

Schedule an Appointment Online

  • Appointment scheduling via online forms or social media platforms
  • You Can Either Have an In-Person Meeting or A Video Call
  • Choose an Open Time Slot
  • To Update Your Contact Information
  • Scheduled Visit
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