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About Us

Who we are in ourselves

We are the folks that companies of all sizes look to for a comprehensive set of technology solutions that cover every aspect from beginning to end. Best IT Solution Dubai is the company that is responsible for all of its cutting-edge technology, including its impregnable firewalls, advanced servers, and cutting-edge hardware.

Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies is a high-end information technology software and consultancy firm in the United Arab Emirates. They offer their experience and solutions to businesses. In 2006, we launched our firm to achieve business excellence by establishing solid technological foundations within a dynamic regional business landscape. Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies, recognized as a credible software solutions provider in the region and supported by a wealth of knowledge and skilled expertise built beneath its wings, thinks that a customer-centered attitude will undoubtedly benefit the businesses and the economy of the region.

Our clients are entitled to the most excellent possible quality in all elements of consulting, professional services, and project execution, thanks to the strategic components of our business strategy. Through the implementation of well-defined internal processes and a systematic plan for handling projects and services, Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies has persistently worked toward attaining consistent service excellence. In this endeavor, we have always prioritized quality at every level of our operations and at every point where we interact with our customers.

Our Services are geared toward assisting businesses in gaining a competitive edge by successfully deploying our best-of-breed solutions, and they are developed with this goal in mind. Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies has specialized in aiding clients with the effective use of these solutions. That is made possible by a mix of feature-rich software and hardware.

What we are doing

We work with businesses of different sizes to deliver first-rate technology services, solutions, and information technology instruction. Whether our customer is large or small in scope, it makes no difference to us. What counts is how we use our vast experience, industry expertise, and uptodate technical research to assist our customers in overcoming the difficulties posed by their information technology problems.

How we do what we do

We have a well-honed relationship strategy that enables us to engage on a respectful one-on-one basis with each of our customers. By taking this strategy, we can create the necessary trust required to secure the delivery of exceptional outcomes. We base our customer service on a basic set of values and strive for the highest possible level of quality in everything that we undertake.

Why our customers prefer to work with us

  • Only the most qualified IT specialists are hired, trained, and put into service by our company.
  • Before offering a specialized, time- and investment-efficient technical solution, we comprehensively analyze the client’s requirements.
  • To provide our customers with the most cutting-edge technology, we have partnered with the most successful information technology companies around the globe.
  • We provide complete and utter openness and trust by keeping our customers updated at every step of the process.
  • For our client’s IT personnel to be able to serve their clients with services that are both faster, and of higher quality, we give training on the newest technology.
  • Because we have a presence in several different nations, including India, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Qatar, and others, we are well-versed in the dynamics of highly competitive international markets.
  • Because our offices are located in the center of Dubai, we are well suited to serve as a solutions partner for businesses throughout the Middle East and North Africa.


Our goal is to become the most reputable provider of IT solutions in Dubai and an esteemed Tiered Partner for industry-leading companies worldwide.


Impediments to the success of the organizations that are our customers will be identified and treated through the development of creative solutions and products that increase business agility. That will enable our customers' organizations to outperform their competitors, face and overcome challenges, and make the most of opportunities to excel and grow.

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