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IP PABX installation system in Dubai

Avaya, Panasonic, Dlink, Grandstream, Yeaster, Samsung, Digium, LG, and other major brands may be installed by Fajar Computer System LLC in Dubai, UAE.

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system is needed in today’s business world. A PBX has a significant benefit in that it restricts the numbers that may be called from within the system. Some pricey numbers can determine by being dialed with a properly setup PBX. Since several extensions may share a single set of phone lines, the PBX saves money on phone service. For example, a 100-person workplace may often be served by 10 to 15 phone lines. Because every phone in the firm must have a bar saves time and money.

IP PBX Systems and Their Impact on Business

We provide our customers with cutting-edge technology and unmatched dependability as an authorized reseller of significant IP PABX system brands. It is our goal to assist you in boosting your company’s productivity as one of Dubai’s Best IP telephony companies.

Regardless of what you’re searching for, we’ll make sure your company has the most excellent telephony systems. When it comes to telecommunications, no challenge is too big or too little for our team, which is comprised of highly trained professionals with many years of industry expertise.

Thanks to our portfolio product’s wide selection of options, you may now get a low-cost PBX system. As time goes on, the costs of operating the business will fall.

The Advantages of an IP PBX System


Very Simple Operation:

A PBX system is much simpler than a traditional telephone system to reach anyone. Mainly because a majority of PBX numbers are three to four digits long.

Charming Connectivity: 

Assembling a PABX allows enterprises to connect phone systems to specific regions, avoiding extra telephone connections.

Usage of Flexibility:

Phones for PBX systems have an open interface and employ industry standards. Compared to old proprietary systems, these PBX systems are a simple option.

Energy-saving features:

It is possible to save electricity using PABX systems because of their energy-saving features. In comparison to more traditional methods of communication, this is a more affordable option.

Costly Profitable: 

Because of the lower cost of setting up an external phone connection with a private branch exchange (PBX), small and medium-sized businesses favor PBX systems.

Options of Scalability: 

If your business expands, so can your telecommunications infrastructure, thanks to PABX’s options for scalability.

Intuitive User Interface: 

The PABX system delivers a simple user interface with classic branch exchange functions and smooth cutting-edge communication.


Telephony modern tendencies

In the past, the PBX phone system employed analog technology. Thanks to current technological advancements, PBX systems have risen to prominence as the industry standard for commercial communication. To make calls, the PBX system makes use of a broadband internet connection to convert analog data into digital data. The primary role of a telephone system is to route incoming calls to the appropriate office extension. You may add features like pre-recorded messages, voice mail connections, automatic greetings dialing menus, and interaction with PBX CRM to enhance a phone system.

PBX systems come in a variety of flavors, each with its own set of functions. As one of Dubai’s leading PBX providers, we are able to provide affordable, high-quality PABX installation in the United States. If you contact us immediately, our telephone system installation service will take your company to the next level.

Features of Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony

  • Every call is answered by an automated assistant, which then directs the caller to the appropriate location.
  • I can leave an absence message in the voice mailbox.
  • In addition, voice email allows you to get critical customer communications.
  • Allows you to set distinct incoming call times for each day and night mode
  • The information you need to keep track of all of your business phone calls
  • A call is being recorded.
  • Receipt and call mobile apps.
  • What’s the best method to reach Queue? Waiting in Queue allows you to allocate the customer directly to the Free Agency.

At any given time, we’re here to help. The top phone businesses in Dubai include Fajr Alsabah Computers System LLC, one of the UAE’s best solutions for IP phone setups. Fajr Alsabah Computers in Dubai have provided more than 16 years of hardware and software services.

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