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What do you think the secret is to your phenomenally successful story? Have you ever considered the one item that may set your company apart from the competition? Since short messaging service (SMS) has long been considered the most effective method for message delivery, it lends itself to marketing applications. We at Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies not only understand what it is that your organization requires but also the significance that mobile marketing campaigns hold for those requirements. Through SMS, you can communicate your company’s current offers and specials to many individuals. The key is to compile a list of your most likely consumers and send them an SMS with information about your company. Numerous companies use this strategy for mobile marketing, but the real question is how to make it work for your company in the best possible way.

What can we do to assist you?

  • The marketing staff is well-versed in the demographics of potential clients for your line of work. As a result, we will construct a client database that may use to target individuals.
  • Our primary emphasis would be on lead-generation initiatives we would run as campaigns.
  • Why Attractive price reductions and limited-time promotions are usually successful? Taglines that may help boost your consumer base are something we would recommend to you.
  • We are committed to doing all our power to retain your current clientele.

There are several approaches to strategy creation, but your previous campaigns are where most of your knowledge comes from. Because it will allow you to follow the statistics from the earlier efforts more easily, the mobile marketing campaigns that are much simpler for you to track are the ones that we recommend you pursue at Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies.

Here are some suggestions to help your SMS campaign achieve its full potential:

Make sure you are clear:

In today’s fast-paced environment, nobody has the time to read a detailed explanation. Make sure that your offer is both clear and concise. The key is to ensure that your text message is brief while including all of the pertinent information and to let people know about the fantastic bargains your company is giving them. People are just interested in learning how they might personally profit from this. Therefore, rather than telling them about your firm, focus on describing how they may benefit from working with you.

Be highly familiar with the reaction times of your customers:

Your clientele is a precious resource. As a result, you need to acquire knowledge regarding them. You must monitor when and how your clients respond to your SMS! Create a chart that estimates the time that will pass before your consumers react to your message. That allows you to keep track of how long customers take to respond. In addition, you can arrange times for sending SMS with its assistance.

You need to determine exactly who your target audience is:

You may be wasting both time and money if you send text messages to individuals who are neither interested in your company nor in the products or services you provide. Since you run a legitimate company, you should expect the same from your clientele. You need to be aware of your potential customers’ gender, age, and previous purchases. For instance, if you run a cosmetics company, but your selected prospect is a guy, and you send your SMS to that person, then your chosen prospect is not genuine, and your SMSs are pretty important. Therefore, it is essential to research the data that is contained in your database.

Optimizing your short message service (SMS) might be a prudent choice:

Connecting your SMS with a keyword is the most effective method for optimizing it. Let us offer you an example: Send the word DEALS to the number 56XXX to receive vouchers for the store that’s closest to you. The individuals who are genuinely interested in your offer will react to your SMS at the supplied number, and as a result, your database will have an improved list of consumers.

Perform regular maintenance on your database, such as:

Because it is critical to know which statistics produce results, going this route can be an astute decision. It’s possible that some of the older numbers in your database no longer work or that the owners of those numbers may have switched them out for new ones. You may maintain the integrity of your database by eliminating all of these different numbers and replacing them with authentic lists of clients.

Be sure to keep an eye on how often it happens:

Text messages have the potential to be aggravating. If it is sent out extremely regularly, it might irritate specific individuals. Therefore, manage your SMS on a weekly or monthly basis so that the frequency of your sent messages does not harm your company but the individuals!

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