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Sophos Firewall in Dubai

Sophos is a market-leading company in the fields of information technology security and data prevention. The company offers companies comprehensive protection and control against known and unknown ransomware, intrusions, malware, spam, spyware, undesirable applications, data leakage, and policy abuse. Products such as the Sophos Firewall and Sophos services that are precisely developed and user pleasant protect customers in excess of 100 million in more than 150 countries. Fajrtechguys is an Official Supplier, Partner, and Reseller of Sophos, which enables them to provide Sophos Firewall at the most competitive pricing in the entire city of Dubai. We are less concerned with raising an extra asset cost to your company by just selling a product than we are with providing you with solutions that are more efficient in terms of cost and that reduce the number of problems you are experiencing. We help you implement Sophos's most advanced IT security services to protect your company from the most recent advanced threats, such as ransomware, trojans, malware, hacking attacks, intrusions, spamming, and phishing. In addition, we offer cheap Configuration / Integration and AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) services for Sophos Firewall in Dubai.

What is Sophos Firewall?

The Sophos Firewall is a type of Next-Generation Firewall that may be used in conjunction with other network security appliances. It simplifies the process of safeguarding customers from potential security risks by combining a number of different security features and services into a single network-connected device.

This firewall is equipped to protect against all types of security threats, including cyberattacks such as ransomware, worms, DDoS, IP Spoofing, and network-based attacks. The networks of corporations frequently utilize this type of firewall.

Sophos Firewall Features

The Firewall provides a comprehensive suite of security options, which include the following:

Synchronized security

Connecting your Sophos-managed endpoints with your XG firewall through the innovative Security Heartbeats solution from Sophos provides a higher level of protection against more advanced threats. It significantly reduces the time and effort required to respond to security events.

XG Firewall monitors the Security Heartbeat status of all of your endpoints. This allows you to quickly identify infected systems and automatically restrict network access for these systems until the infected systems are again in a healthy state. Destination Heartbeat Protection restricts access to compromised endpoints and servers and further reinforces the security based on the status of the infected system’s heartbeat. That continues until the compromised endpoints and servers are deemed completely safe.

Synchronized App Control uses the Synchronized Security relationship to discover, segment automatically, and control any unknown applications that may be running on your network. That provides an improvement in network visibility. The attack is rendered useless by Lateral Movement Protection, which automatically disconnects infected systems at every point along the network. Healthy endpoints can be saved by avoiding all traffic from infected systems, even if those systems are located on the same network segment. That can be done by isolating the healthy endpoints to protect them from threats and operating combatants that could potentially steal data or spread the infection. The exclusive feature of Sophos Synchronized Security, known as Synchronized User ID, eliminates the requirement for client or server authentication agents. This is accomplished by sharing user identities between the endpoint and the firewall using the Security Heartbeat.

Centralized management: 

Effortless management of all activities thanks to Sophos Central’s centralized administration. Users are able to set up, manage effortlessly, and monitor  firewalls in addition to other Sophos products by utilizing the XG cloud management platform. Alerting, management of backups, firmware updates with a single click, and rapid deployment of new firewalls are just some of the features included in Sophos Central.

Enhanced Safety from Danger

The Sophos XG Firewall offers superior threat protection to safeguard your network against the most recent and sophisticated attacks. That is accomplished through the prompt discovery of bots and other advanced threats. Security Heartbeat establishes a connection and combines the intelligence of your Sophos Endpoints and your  XG Firewall to identify and eliminate the systems that have been compromised by the most recent and previously unrecognized threats. Data gathered from DNS, IPS, web, and traffic filters are combined by multi-layered call-home security to identify and block attempts to contact homemade by botnets and command-and-control (C&C) systems.

Firewall rules that are considered innovative examine the behavior of endpoints to automatically eliminate or restrict access to compromised systems that may be infected with the most recent threats. Traffic light-style indications provide quick notice of systems that are in danger. This visibility extends to the device, the user, and the operation itself.


The Web Protection engine offered by Sophos is powered by SophosLabs and features the cutting-edge technology necessary to identify and thwart the most recent dangers posed by the internet.

You will be protected from the most recent cascaded online assaults with high-performance Web Protection integrated with extensive analytical skills such as JavaScript emulation, origin reputation, and behavioral analysis. Protects against phishing and pharming attacks by replacing corrupt host files or DNS lookups with clean versions to deliver pharming protection security. HTTPS scanning is a thorough examination of encrypted communication for both compliance and risks.

Controlling unused programs offers the possibility of protecting your network from cryptocurrency mining and crypto-jacking software included in websites, as well as a variety of other unneeded web-based applications. The around-the-clock, global threat investigation operation that  maintains provides you with the most comprehensive database of malicious websites, allowing you to safeguard your network and its users by identifying more than thousands of newly compromised websites and instances of web malware.

Email and Data

Your email is protected from phishing, spamming, and data loss thanks to the unrivaled comprehensive security offered by Sophos, which incorporates Policy-based Email Encryption with Anti-Spam and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Complete Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) store and forward support enable the firewall to store email, which both ensures the continuity of business operations and decreases the amount of work that can be accomplished during times when the target servers cannot be accessed to retrieve the email that the user has sent. Live anti-spam provides the protection necessary to protect your company from the sophisticated spamming tactics, harmful attachments, and phishing attempts that are now in use.

This technique is remarkable to Sophos because it makes it simple to transmit encrypted emails to anyone, including those who cannot be trusted. When workers depart a business, policy-based DLP can immediately activate encryption or block/personal depending on the presence of sophisticated data in emails. That is done depending on whether or not the emails include intimate details. The self-service user portal eliminates the need for employees to go through the hassle of gaining direct access to their spam quarantine and their block and allow lists.

Businesses Application

Sophos combines the intelligence of its next-generation firewall with its enterprise-class web application firewall, allowing for permitted access while protecting your company’s critical apps from being hacked or otherwise attacked. The upgraded IPS of the next generation defends against hacks and assaults while retaining its outstanding performance. Strong security, such as URL and form hardening, is combined with the simpler template-driven policy formulation and deployment offered by Web Application Firewall, allowing seamless orchestration with your Sophos next-generation firewall.

It provides granular, user-based protection with numerous installation alternatives and multiple authentication methods, which enables the system to guarantee uncomplicated access for users who aren’t doing anything wrong while also offering robust protection against users who could be.

Benefits of Sophos Firewall

The Sophos firewall in Dubai provides a comprehensive solution for protecting networks, online applications, and email, preventing data loss and ensuring secure remote access. It is a centralized system that gives enterprises the ability to build and enforce high levels of cyber security across all worldwide locations while also providing visibility into those levels. The  XG Firewalls are a fantastic choice for both medium and big enterprises.

The following is a list of the primary advantages that come with using this firewall:

  • It makes the configuration process easier and offers help for it.
  • Uptimes are shorter, and there is less latency as a result.
  • It offers a more straightforward approach to the administration of security.
  • The graphical user interface for management is web-based.
  • It is able to monitor and assess the actions that are happening right now with users.
  • Reports and diagnostic information can be generated by it.
  • It guards against online dangers such as computer viruses, botnets, and unauthorized access.
  • It offers comprehensive protection around the perimeter.
  • It guards your email against unwanted messages, such as spam and phishing emails.
  • Using this will thwart threats to your Wi-Fi network and web server.
  • You can configure your own rules for the firewall.
  • It displays a variety of notifications, including alerts and warnings of various kinds.
  • It can display any current security dangers that are affecting your network in front of you.

With a Sophos firewall in Dubai, your network and IT infrastructure may be kept safe, monitored, and under your control. You will be protected from viruses, malware, spyware, intrusions, and unwanted attacks, spam, and data leaks by the endpoint, email, and online solutions Sophos provides.

Why should you pick us?

When it comes to reliable Sophos certified partners in Dubai, you can consider Fajr tech guys. Firewall XG,  Cyberoam, Sophos Home, Sophos Mobile products, SafeGuard Encryption, Sophos UTM,  Gateway,  Endpoint product, and numerous other  security solutions are all available at Fajr tech guys.

In Dubai, you may contact our trained Sophos engineer with any questions you may have about Sophos firewalls. Consequently, if you are looking for a qualified Sophos expert in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates to assist you with securing your internal and external network traffic through the Sophos firewall, Fajr tech guys is your best choice.

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