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Office IT Setup

We help you plan and implement comprehensive office and IT migrations.

IT Setup and Relocation for a Dubai-Based Office

Moving your office's IT equipment and infrastructure might be daunting, but we're here to help. Everything in your IT room, from the equipment to the data and software, is handled by our team. When it comes to making sure your workplace move goes off without a hitch, you can rely on the experts at Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies. The biggest challenge you'll ever face is launching a new business or moving your office to a new site! It's a time to celebrate your company's whole existence. Moving your IT infrastructure and equipment is a necessary part of this process. Moving your IT infrastructure, which is critical to your organization, requires the assistance of a specialist. Attempting to accomplish it all on your own is a recipe for disaster.

The following IT and office relocation services are available as an supplementary from us:

  • For example, you may need to arrange or reorganize your office’s cable arrangement and plan to accommodate your new location.
  • Your conference rooms should have audio and video equipment and infrastructure, including music and microphones.
  • Meeting and organizing all monitoring needs, as well as administering all of your control systems, are all part of maintaining security.
  • You’ll need to manage and arrange your current phone lines and ISP to move all your phone numbers and equipment to the new location.
  • When your IP address has been relocated, you will receive a superior Internet service provider (ISP). Managing your new office’s data and telephony infrastructure
  • When it comes to cloud storage and email, you’ll be saving and backing up all of your data and managing all of your essential documents and email exchanges.
  • The new location’s IT servers will remain intact, as will any data they contain. Updating DNS servers and reprogramming the firewall
  • Manage your computer workstations at your new location and test their connectivity to your Internet service provider (ISP) and DNS servers.

Consultancy in IT

The IT Consultancy services of Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies assist a wide range of organizations in achieving their objectives by formulating effective strategies for deploying IT services and solutions. As we have gained expertise in providing IT services to our valued clients around the country, we have formed a team of highly skilled workers and knowledgeable specialists who help us deliver solutions in all parts of IT. Among the services we provide are website design, development, hosting, document digitization, and software development. Through one-on-one interactions, we can learn and assess our client's needs and provide appropriate services that meet those needs. End-to-end support, hardware support, and technical assistance for end users, small businesses, and organizations are all areas in which we've honed our skills over the years. These services are available at reasonable pricing from us.

Cabling that is organized

That is where the service provider’s network terminates, and the on-premise wiring at the customer’s location joins.

  • Demarcation point Commonly referred to as a “DP box,”
  • Equipment or Telecommunications Rooms/Data Centers hold the equipment and wire consolidation points that service the building’s occupants.
  • The equipment and telecommunications rooms are often located on different levels; thus, vertical or riser cabling is used to connect them.
  • This type of horizontal wiring links telecommunications rooms to individual outlets or work spaces on the floor through each level’s cable trays, conduits, and ceiling spacing. It can be IW (internal wiring) or Plenum Cabling.
  • Structured cabling components in the work area link end-user equipment to outlets on the system.

Even though there are many structured cabling companies in Dubai, Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies Computer is the best in the business. Information technology company Fajr Alsabah offers low-cost structured cabling services. In addition to shielded and unshielded pairs, backbone cables, FTP cables, and fiber optic cables, we also install a wide variety of other types of lines. We also provide high-quality voice and data cabling solutions in the United Arab Emirates.

IP PBX Setup and Maintenance

The PABX system is a critical piece of a company’s technology infrastructure for keeping things organized. From one source to another, it serves as a conduit for many types of information. There is an option to use a secure private line for communication between multiple contact points in the company. There is also the ability to communicate with the outside world from these sites. In Dubai and all around the globe, PABX installations act as the neural network that links many departments to support the entire firm’s uniform operation.
The IP PBX system in Dubai may be implemented in any infrastructure by Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies because we have the necessary technological know-how and practical experience. No matter if you are a start-up firm or a mid-sized organization, we can provide you with the network you need.

Solutions for Managed Wi-Fi

Depending on the number of users, devices, and building size, we may design a wireless network specifically for your office. With a wireless network from Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies, you’ll have a reliable, easy-to-maintain connection for your staff and their devices with no signal dropouts or delays. One hundred percent all the time and all the time.
We’ll look at the present state of your IT infrastructure and the methods your employees use to access data both within the office and from their home offices. That includes the devices they are using to connect to your network (e.g., business and personal), as well as any priority that has to be allocated to specific devices. In order to correctly plan and construct your wireless network, we will do a thorough study of your office.

Putting in Place a Security System

A rising number of spies and thieves are developing novel techniques to penetrate and steal important information from businesses in order to sell it to industry rivals. As a result, we’re developing security solutions to help firms defend themselves from corporate espionage.
Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies, one of Dubai’s leading CCTV providers, offers a wide range of services to assist you in safeguarding your intellectual property. Our partnerships with Dubai’s most reliable CCTV installations provide the most up-to-date security cameras and monitoring equipment.

Implementation of Cloud and Backup Solutions

Data storage is a critical component of a company's success. Your firm needs the most excellent data storage solution available, whether for personnel records or financial information, assets or expansion plans for the company, customer records, or anything else about your organization. Having a corporation go out of business because of a data loss, damage, or compromise would be awful today. Companies spend a lot of money to ensure that their data is safe and secure, and this is a significant matter. For those in want of a data storage solution that is both dependable and safe while also being reasonably priced, look no further than Amazon S3.

Management of the Server

Small company servers, Terminal servers, and file and print servers are all monitored by Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies in Dubai. We keep tabs on the health of your company’s crucial servers with the help of our monitoring software and technologies. Whenever there is an issue with your network, our experts are alerted by the software that monitors your network for dangers.
If you’re in Dubai, Server Management is a Must! Protection and handling of personal data
Because of the increasing number of users, the machine’s dependability will improve, making it more difficult for anybody trying to use it. It is possible to lose data when you reboot the system while other individuals are accessing or processing things from the same system. That is not good. A Server can help here. It provides a single point of access.
Solutions for Firewalls
Even complicated jobs may now complete with minimal effort thanks to technological advances, which have made our lives much more accessible. Technology has made life easier, but it has also made it easier for criminals to hijack your data by exploiting a security weakness in your network. At this point, network and data security take center stage in any company.

Automated Time Tracking

Dubai’s premier provider of IT solutions and time attendance equipment, Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies Computer Systems LLC. We are committed to providing our respected customers in the United Arab Emirates with only the best products and services that match international standards. 40+ highly educated and experienced tech support engineers that have a strong desire to serve our customers and provide high-rated products make up our team.

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