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An extensive and high-quality technical support service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Service Agreements for IT Support in Dubai

Every person wants the most excellent possible answers to all technological problems at a reasonable price. Fixed-price IT support contracts tailored to your organization's needs are available from Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies. To keep our customers happy, we offer low-cost on-site and remote assistance through our contract. Depending on how many systems, workstations, printers, network devices, and servers you have in your company's IT infrastructure, we can develop a customized IT support contract in Dubai to help you achieve your business goals. Our IT support contract is a viable option for any organization to acquire the most acceptable technological solutions regardless of size. When it comes to IT assistance, some firms don't want to rely on in-house resources, while others want to beef up their existing infrastructure. Our IT annual maintenance contract in Dubai may work for either situation. We've built our services to meet customers' needs at all levels.

Contract for IT Services

On-site and remote IT help are only two features included in this AMC maintenance contract in Dubai. For this reason, we will perform a wide range of planned and unforeseen services and supply your company with specialized IT services every month. Then there are the daily and weekly technical management activities that we may need to adjust if necessary. Preemptive training, administration, and technical helpdesk assistance for your company is a huge perk of this service.

Included in our IT Support Agreement is

The IT maintenance contract gives you peace of mind that your desktop and network systems are monitored by trusted operators, allowing you to concentrate on accomplishing your business goals. We're here to keep your IT systems running smoothly, maximize your network's uptime, and maintain your business's productivity. You can always reach out to us no matter what technical issues you're having with your workstations, network, servers, or anything else in your IT infrastructure. Our skilled support experts will handle everything for you remotely and on-site if necessary.

We Provide the Following Products and Services:

  • Provider of IT Helpdesk Services: Telephone and email help.
  • Identifying and correcting issues with computers, servers, and other network components.
  • System administration through the Internet to ensure maximum uptime: proactive and preventative management
    Service for document and file backup and restoration
  • Maintenance of operating systems, desktop and server computers, as well as the installation of new application software and hardware
  • Antivirus, network configuration, firewall, updates, and maintenance are part of the network security process.
  • Email systems include email apps and servers.
  • Constructing and maintaining computer network systems
  • Management of all equipment and gadgets provided by suppliers
  • Management of broadband connection and internet access services
  • Wireless: Troubleshooting, upkeep, and configuration

Technical Requirements in a Contract

  • Support for the software
  • Telephone assistance
  • Hardware Compatibility.
  • Customer Service through Email
  • Antivirus Help and Advice
  • Maintaining a Preventative Approach
  • Support for Mobile Phones
    We also provide IT maintenance contracts as well as IT hardware and software solutions and support.

Response speed and quality of service

Our goal is to fulfill or exceed the following service requirements as part of our IT yearly maintenance contract in Dubai. In the event of a critical server, time-dependent problem, or system crash. Unusable or not accessible from any workstation, major-Workstation, software program, printer Miscellaneous: Paper jams, infrequent software glitches, and aging monitors


We respond to all logged-in calls within 30 minutes, and our goal is to be on-site within an hour of receiving a complaint, so we can quickly get you back up and running with a fully functional system.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so whenever possible, we'll drop by your location to check out any problems you're having with your equipment.


We promise to answer your logged-in calls within eight hours for any minor issue. We'd come to your location within 24 hours if we couldn't address your problem remotely.


Within 24 hours after your log-in calls, our engineers are logged into severe technical difficulties. Therefore the nature of non-critical problems cannot be accurately predicted.

Our IT support contracts and their pricing.

We offer unlimited access to our IT Support Service Desk as part of our IT Support packages. Thanks to our fixed-price IT support contracts, you'll know precisely how much you'll be spending each month. Contracts for our IT Support are reasonable and flexible enough to fit the needs of any sized organization. With the standard contract option, they are priced per user/per month. Our customers may quickly reach a higher IT support level when the need arises.

Here are a few more good reasons to outsource your IT needs to Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies.

In light of the fact that no two businesses are the same, we will meet with you to gain a thorough knowledge of your operations in order to craft an Outsourced IT Support solution that will suit your immediate needs as well as your long-term goals. Over a thousand Dubai-based companies rely on Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies for their outsourced IT support needs. We work with a wide range of clients, from small enterprises and start-ups to giant corporations and well-known national chains.


Quickness and agility

We are able to address difficulties quickly and effectively since we have direct access to a team of skilled professionals.

The ability to exert command

It is possible to assess IT performance against a customized Service Level Agreement using the Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies portal's web-based access. It is important to have confidence in the products and services you purchase. Servers and workstations are more reliable because of standard operating procedures and industry best practices.

It is essential to be able to change directions quickly.

If your organization needs more or less help, you can select from one of a variety of components in a framework. Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies IT Solutions has won several accolades and accreditations over the past 17 years for constantly offering high-quality, best-practice solutions. If you're looking for IT help in Dubai, go no further than Fajr Alsabah Information Technologies. You won't have any issues if you use our reliable, trustworthy, and secure IT support service. Please visit (www.www) or call (+000-00000-000) to learn more about our services.

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