Measure IT

Vulnerability Assessment Services

The first step of having a secure and unbreachable network and online presence is the detection of potential loopholes and breach points which are a constant threat to your organization and your customer’s security and data. Catalyic Security provides a comprehensive evaluation of your current security architecture and point out any and all potential vulnerabilities within your organization’s system. These evaluations are focused towards proactively identifying and preventing the exploitation of any existing vulnerabilities.

Our assessments aim to provide you with detailed information and valuable insights that will help you stay ahead of any threats and effectively counter them in case of an attack. The main objective is to identify the weaknesses in your security architecture, test them for potential attacks and take necessary action to make them invulnerable to any cyber-attacks that can compromise your private data and information.

Methodology and Approach

The sole focus of our vulnerability assessment is to scan your networks, operating systems, applications, and databases for potential weaknesses, both technical and non-technical that are at a potential risk of exploited by cyber criminals compromising your data and security. Our vulnerability assessment will provide:

  • Increased threat detection and identification of any vulnerabilities in your security network
  • Repair and necessary action to effectively counter any weaknesses in your security architecture
  • An understanding and enhancement of your current cyber security posture protection
  • Assistance in identification of measures to eliminate or mitigate any vulnerabilities or threats

Penetration Testing Services

Our highly experienced team uses ethical hacking to manually test all your devices and systems for the presence of any vulnerabilities and possible breach points. We pride ourselves in our ability of manually testing your systems using reverse engineering and state of the art techniques in order to determine the threats, and loopholes in your systems that can be exploited in the same way. This allows us to see your system from a hacker’s perspective and effectively mitigate all chances of hacking and attack on your online data and information.

Security Checks in Multiple Scopes

Catalyic Security provides its expertise using the following Penetration Testing techniques:

This is the typical form for Penetration Testing and the organizations commonly don’t provide wide range of information but access to only the IP address and in some cases the name of the organization is provided. It is then up to the skills and expertise of experienced technical persons of Catalyic Security to perform the testing.

The controls and assets of IT infrastructure in an organization are checked in order to assess the efficiency and durability. This is the area of testing in which the customers provide access to the servers, controls, network systems and any kind of information needed to perform the test.

In this testing technique, white box testing techniques are applied in order to comprehensively test the organization’s private systems which are not accessible publicly but with some malfunctioning those can be accessed by the hackers. The web services and other network controls are tested using the technique of black box testing. This is therefore the mixture of Black and White box testing as the name suggests, Grey Box Testing.

Includes the following aspects of Organization’s security:

Web Application Penetration

Modern companies like yours use a number of web applications for the digitalization and enhanced efficiency of a number of crucial business processes. These applications mostly involve the transfer of sensitive data of your organization and customers that can be a great threat if compromised. It is essential that your web applications are fully secured and leave no room to be breached.

We employ a comprehensive manual web application penetration testing process, involving planning, scanning, gaining and maintaining access and a full scale analysis, to use a simulated cyber-attack against your apps, similar to a real cyber-attack, to check for vulnerabilities and breach points that are susceptible to attacks. This lets us identify security weakness in your applications and their components (source code, database, back-end network) and helps us detect vulnerabilities and threats, and effective ways to mitigate them, ensuring fool proof security of all your web applications. While automated penetration testing tools are available, they can’t identify all vulnerabilities to provide enhanced security that manual testing can.

Services for Web Application
Penetration Testing

  • Identification of resource inaccuracies
  • Applications
  • Servers
  • Data Sources
  • Violation management strategies
  • Simulations
  • Analyzing outcomes
  • Counter attack plans
  • Analyzing and Circumventing OWASP threats related to web applications
  • Injection
  • Broken Authentication and Session Management
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Insecure Direct Object References
  • Security Misconfiguration
  • Sensitive Data Exposure
  • Missing Function Level Access Control
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery
  • Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
  • Invalidated Redirects and Forwards

Services for Cloud Application
Penetration Testing

  • Combination of penetration tests for testing in the Cloud
    Saas Pen test
    IaaS and Paas Pen test
    Internal Pen test
    External Pen test
  • Multi Cloud Security Solutions
  • Specialized solutions for Cloud based deployments
    Data Protection
    User Access Management
    Cloud Visibility and Discrepancy Detections
  • Niche Hybrid Cloud security testing encompassing
    On-Premise Solutions
    Cloud based Solutions

Cloud Application
Penetration Testing

With the advances in technology, we understand that having cloud based applications have become a need of the hour. But with the ease of use and convenience it provides to your organization, it also increases the risk of your confidential information being breached and compromised. Security and protection of your cloud based applications is essential to the safety of your information on your operating systems and applications running on cloud.

Round the clock security of your cloud based applications requires equipping your cloud instances with upgraded security controls and constantly assessing their ability to withstand data breach threats and attacks. As cloud based services are mostly shared, we make sure that our testing does not put other parties at unease and also not surpass any legal limits.

After researching your app and the cloud based server in detail, our experts develop a meticulous cloud penetration testing plan that involves a combination of internal as well as external penetration tests. Here, internal penetration tests are responsible for accessing the servers and hosts in the cloud, initiating a vulnerability test with the authenticated credentials. Once inside the perimeter, the tests let us stimulate exactly what a potential hacker could do access and lets us identify and report the weaknesses in your cloud security posture and provide actionable remedies for enhanced security.

Mobile Security

The use of mobile devices and apps has increased greatly over the last decade and now it has become an essential part of everyday business operations. All of your human resources are constantly using one or more mobile applications for the completion and assistance of their work related tasks. This has increased the need for mobile application security testing as downloading mobile apps from the stores brings with it the risk of malicious virus attacks that can allow hackers an access to your apps and business data.

Services for Mobile Application
Penetration Testing

Our mobile app penetration testing will let us keep a tab on probable attacks on your mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops and secure and protect your valuable information that is stored on them. Our experts will conduct penetration tests to find and exploit vulnerabilities in your mobile apps and making them securer than ever before.

Our mobile app penetration testing services:

  • Testing for popular Platforms and Devices
    Android Applications
    iOS Applications
    Windows Phone Mobile Applications
  • Identifying mobile devices breaches into the system
  • Security awareness amongst the users
  • Social Engineering Security
  • Penetration testing through real world tactics
    Web form impersonation
    Fake wireless access points

Services for Network
Penetration Testing

  • External Penetration Test
    • Conducted from the internet as an external network
    • Exposes the vulnerabilities as seen from the internet through the firewall
    • Identification of types of resources exposed to the outer world
  • External Penetration Test
    • Conducted from the internet as an external network
    • Exposes the vulnerabilities as seen from the internet through the firewall
    • Identification of types of resources exposed to the outer world

Network Penetration

The use of internal and external networks for your business has become essential for increased connectivity with your customers, partners and employees all around the world. This gives room to external threats that can penetrate your networks and get unsolicited access to your confidential business information. Firewalls alone can no longer ensure the safety of your networks as privileged users can still access your networks by penetrating into the firewall.

Network penetration tests identify breach points in your networks, systems, hosts and devices and allow us to secure them before hackers are able to discover and exploit them. Our network penetration testing service involves rigorous testing of the controls, frameworks and processes designed for your networks and detect every little loophole that can be breached. It allows our experts to find out possible susceptibilities and take measures for their timely improvement so they can be secured against any kind of threat.

Wireless Security Testing

Wireless security testing analyzes the weaknesses and flaws in your wireless networks that can cause your data to be accessed by an unauthorized network or individual. Insecure wireless networks greatly increase the threat of someone illegally getting access to your confidential business data. Most of the times, internal breaches using rogue access points that can be installed by employees that have access to your wireless networks can also compromise your business.

Catalyic Security will help identify the wireless infrastructure components that can be discovered and connected to, and then with a mix of black and white box testing will conduct a comprehensive site survey using state of the art wireless equipment to locate any possible access points. Then we will map the wireless infrastructure presence to detect any vulnerability within the network.

Physical Security Review

Catalyic Security’s physical security review involves a comprehensive physical inspection and evaluation of your organization’s entire security system including controls and their parameters to detect vulnerabilities for possible cyber-attacks. The review aims at helping you achieve a completely secure system for your employees and establish controlled and monitored processes that ensure the protection of all your business’s intellectual assets and information.

The in-depth evaluation of your organization’s security systems allows us to identify breach points and weaknesses and then give suggestions and remedies for the improvements accordingly, to keep your systems in line with the latest security best practices.

Our tailored physical security reviews cover the following:

  • Threat and Vulnerability
  • Site and Facility Security
  • Facility Operating Procedures
  • Physical Security Systems
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Security Policies and Procedures

Application Source Code Security Review

Manual Code Review

A manual source code review lets our team identify potential vulnerabilities in the code and take effective measures to secure them before the app goes live. The app code review is a meticulous process involving a line-by-line, thorough review of the source code in an attempt to identify potential loopholes in it. These vulnerabilities can then be addressed, which can greatly improve your app’s security posture before going live.

Static Analysis

Our static app source code analysis is an inside out analysis of the code that is carried out using a set of advanced technologies to analyze your app’s source code, byte code and binaries to make it secure against and cyber threats. It is an essential part of any effective security program without which you can never achieve full protection.

Firewall Configuration Review

Catalyic Security’s firewall configuration review will evaluate the rules from your firewalls to determine whether any cyber-security risks exist in the configuration, whether the software of the firewalls is up-to-date and if it allows high risk services containing vulnerabilities through it or not. Such a firewall configuration review is crucial for compliance verification and validation of the perimeter security posture.

Using the review, our experts will seek to understand your network and requirements and firewall configuration standards to gain context for the engagement which will allow us to understand where your systems are being unnecessarily exposed and how your firewall configurations can be improved to increase security.

The firewall security assessment will cover the following key areas:

  • Software version and patch level
  • Location of firewall within the network
  • Insufficiently restrictive rules
  • Overlapping rules
  • Permissive rules precede the deny all rule
  • Unused objects
  • Insufficient auditing
  • Weak account passwords /password encryption used
  • Insecure services used
  • Missing rules (e.g. a stealth rule)
  • Time synchronization
  • Excessive user accounts/least privilege
  • Security of VPN settings
  • Configuration of other modules