Network Design

A significant amount of attention should be paid to information security considerations and secure network design as their core part. Information and data are, without exaggeration, one of the most important intangible business assets, so one should make all efforts possible to protect them.

Although typically people tend to think of the Internet when speaking about networks and network design, enterprise network design usually includes much more than just a local network with Internet access. Intranet, voiceover telephony, video surveillance and other communication technologies are also covered by the concept of telecommunication network design.

A good network planning and design practice should also involve powerful scalability features. If your company grows, you may need additional facilities to meet the growing needs. This is especially important for small business network design, when the main objective is to start working as soon as possible – in this case, often little to no attention is paid to the issue of future growth, which may cause many regrets in just a few years.